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“Memories are the things life is made from; if you want a better life, make better memories.”

Dee Collins


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About Deneene

I’m Dee Collins and aspiring and established entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and coaches hire me to fast-track their success by uncovering incredible high income-earning opportunities in their own business through publishing projects and profitability partnerships. They do this because most lack the inside information, decisive direction and authentic action required to do so. So I help them create, customize, and communicate their business offerings in highly impactful ways; showing them that the bottom line is: every single day they do business, they must tap into their available resources that will allow them to magnify their message and maximize their monetization. Read more …


I believe in providing astronomical service to my clients and I would never do anything less than offer stellar products and services to my customers, students, mentees, partners and business associates. It takes a village to raise an entrepreneur to levels of success that can only be defined as phenomenal. My innovative team of professionals and I offer the following services:

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I created Success Creation Academy, Inc. as a business entity designed to educate people from all walks of life for success achievement in every area of their lives. Teaching and training is provided in an easy-to-access online platform with simple step-by-step processes that are clear while fully supporting learners of all levels. My Signature Course is “The Ultimate Book Publishing Blueprint” which is an online course that shows anyone who wants to publish a book how to do it in 60 days or less with global distribution. I even show my students how to do a successful book launch and become a #1 bestselling author.

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Every champion and every world-renowned team have a coach. I know you can be a winner with the right inspiration, coaching, direction, motivation and support. Each year I take a limited number of people under my wing and help them fly towards success. If you know that you need someone in your corner who will push you to your next level and help you avoid the pitfalls adversity has placed in your pathway to success, I might be the mentor you’re looking for. First, we need to have a conversation to determine whether I’m the right fit for you.

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Web summits are the way of today and the future for entrepreneurs that want to capture the leading edge in business. The web summits I host and manage for others are absolutely WOW-DRIVEN! These are 1 to 5 day online events fueled by expert speakers that can skyrocket your credibility and online exposure as an entrepreneur, author, speaker or coach. I can book you as a speaker on a web summit or show you how to host your own. When it comes to success, web summits are a platinum platform. You can add hundreds to your email mailing list with one summit. I’ve established a partnership with KDDM, Inc. that will even assist you in turning your web summit into a television show where you can reach millions online on multiple networks. Let’s talk if you want to know more about this.

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One of the greatest joys of my life are the live events I host. These are in person on location events that are absolutely life-changing! During the events, my team and I offer hands on training, networking opportunities, transformational exercises and one-of-a-kind personal and business growth experiences. You get to meet other thought leaders and like-minded individuals. There is onsite coaching and private access to high-level coaching opportunities. I host live 3-day events, out-of-this-world training retreats and on location masterminds that will blow your business mind. Check this site regularly for information on our upcoming live events.

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Did you know that joint ventures are the fastest, easiest and best way to grow your online business especially if you don’t have a big email list? Well, now you know! I personally know two people with the largest joint venture networks in the world and I would love to introduce you to them. I also joint venture with people and would like to discuss the possibilities of a joint venture with you. I just hate it when I know I can do a great joint venture with someone I can’t get in touch with.

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