Deneene A. Collins is the Founder of Success Creation Academy, Inc. and the CEO of Collins Consulting, LLC.  She is an internet entrepreneur that publishes content with purpose. Deneene has published multiple books and she has helped and inspired others to become published authors as well. Her latest book, “Muscle Memory Millionaire” is changing the business landscape of success for many aspiring entrepreneurs. She is an International Amazon #1 Bestselling Author in the areas of Business Mentoring and Coaching, Educational Psychology, and Starting a Business.

Deneene holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus in Online Business Strategies and a Master’s in Graphic Information Technology all of which have equipped her with the knowledge and skills to uniquely position people for success. By graduating Summa Cum Laude from the Engineering College at ASU and receiving the Black and African Coalition Award for the Highest Graduate Student GPA with a cumulative 4.0 GPA, Dee has become a scholarly role model. After dropping out of school in undergrad to have a baby, she went back to school to get her bachelor’s and then got two master’s degrees back to back 16 years later. In the meantime, she learned valuable lessons from the school of hard knocks.

Dee loves to cook and displays this love for the culinary arts on her innovative live cooking show where people know her as DeeLicious. She is a media and marketing specialist who also enjoys traveling the world while sharing the brilliance and beauty of her travels with others. By many she is considered a travel genius with her savvy methods for traveling to remarkable destinations at low cost or no cost. This inspired her to create an amazing discount travel platform called MyTravelFreeLife.com. The program she created offers people travel freedom and dream vacation opportunities on a modest budget. After all, “the world should be our playground,” is a statement this lady lives by. Dee is also working on a business platform that empowers entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches to double and triple their sales and leads by offering high value vacation incentives to their clients.

Additionally, Deneene (Dee) is an ordained minister who wants to be known as spiritual and doesn’t want to be branded as religious. She wants everyone to know she is approachable and non-judgmental. Deneene, more commonly known as Dee is available for all types of ministry services across the US and around the world. She will even pray for you or counsel you if you need or want it.

Deneene Collins is an entrepreneur and businesswoman with an extraordinary heart for others. In the past she has hosted three major radio shows, “And God Said” with co-host Brenda Arnold-Scott on KWWJ in Houston, Texas, The Soul Food Radio Broadcast, and The Power Source Radio Broadcast on KGMS in Tucson, Arizona. Writers, entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches also hire her to help them self-publish prolifically and distribute globally. Deneene is an author, speaker, publisher, and international business mentor. Her business offerings are marked by abundant inventiveness that transforms creativity into productivity. Most of all, Deneene A. Collins is a forward-thinking entrepreneur that wants to help as many people as possible succeed!

Two things I didn’t mention above in all the information I’ve given you are the greatest joys of my life, because I decided to save the best for last. My daughter Aveanie Chantél Collins-Stewart and my son Caleb Rashad Stewart have been the shining stars in my darkest of nights. They have loved me at my best and at my worst, and they are the very air that I breathe. They are my “WHY”, and the reason I work tirelessly to leave a legendary legacy. I would not be the queen I am without these two jewels that make my crown worthy of being worn. To my mom who now lives in heaven like the angel she has always been, you are still the sunrise for each new day and the strength in me that encourages me to tackle it. Daddy, you are my hero! My brothers, Brian and Bobby Collins along with countless other family members, mentors, and friends are a constant source of inspiration and support.